Monday, August 11, 2014


I've recently done a lot of fishing, but I've also been a bit lazy with my posts. I recently returned from a camping trip with my friends. It was mostly about having fun, and we didn't really fish a lot, but the fishing was great nonetheless. The lake was loaded with largemouth. The visibility of it was about 5 feet, and in a rowboat, I could see schools of 20-50 6 inch largemouth bass. The lake name shall remain hidden, but it was somewhere in the Delaware Water Gap area. The fishing was amazing! I caught 12 bass in 2 hours, some small, but mostly nice sized.

Me with four nice bass (please excuse my fuzzy hair)

A teeny bass

All of the fish were caught on soft plastics rigged weedless. We kept 3 the first day and 6 the next.  I know a lot of people who say bass taste crappy, but 24 fillets breaded up and fried was one of the best fish frys I've ever had. Definitely a great experience I can't wait to relive.

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