Sunday, August 17, 2014

Creek Bait Fishing

My sister, Carina and I recently headed over to the local creeks for some chubs and sunfish. We caught crawfish from the creek, then cut them up for bait. The action was fast! These fish are super aggressive.

I love creek chubs. They fight surprisingly hard, make great bait, live or cut, and eat almost anything. Besides, they aren't to bad looking, either. I've noticed that they seem to prefer bait on or near the bottom, although they will take baits higher in the water column.

We also caught a bunch of redbreast sunfish. The pictures do no justice whatsoever of their colors.

These little creek fish are super fun on super-ultra light tackle with 2 lb test flourocarbon. We also sighted a few suckers, but they obviously don't like cut crawfish.


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