Sunday, August 17, 2014

Trying Out My Fly Gear

Hooray! Yesterday I got my fly gear in the mail, and it wasn't an hour before it was ready to hit the water.

My set up is a 5/6 wt combo from Wild Water Fly Fishing. It isn't Sage or Orvis, but at $104, it's a high quality rod and reel at a price that can't be beat. So I rigged it up with a panfish popper and headed off to the local golf course. I attempted to catch fish and practice casting (my skills are pretty low), and in a couple hours, I only got strikes from about 10 fish. I only hooked 3 and landed 2, all bluegills. 20% fish landed is pitifully low. 

A nice bluegill

The second fish

Same fish, different angle

It was nice to get a feel of my new rod. I'm new to fly fishing, and I guess practice makes perfect. I will be fly fishing at an acceptable level at some point in my life! [hopefully  ;)  ]

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