Monday, August 11, 2014

Bass Fishing on the Delaware and Raritan Canal

Yesterday my family went canoeing with some family friends on the D&R canal. I, of course brought my fishing rod. I didn't get much fishing in (ever tried fishing from a canoe while others are paddling?), but I managed quite a nice day on the water. Truthfully, I rarely fish the canal, because all I catch are tiny sunnies. Today was different. I caught two very nice bass with a YUM Dinger, and my new PB redbreast sunfish!
The first bass of the day. 
It seemed like dead weight at first and then it started slow, deep head shakes. The same sequence happened with the second bass. Perhaps a fighting style for this particular body of water... At the golf course the fish are usually feisty and acrobatic. Both styles, however, put up a great fight.

A chunky canal bass

Same fish, different angle

PB redbreast sunfish!

I caught this colorful guy on a mealworm under a float. This fish is gorgeous! I earlier had red flashes pecking at my 5 inch YUM dinger while bass fishing. I've figured out the culprit now! Overall a great day on the water.

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