Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creek Microfishing

Went in search of new species (lifers) today at the golf course creeks. Unfortunately, that's not easy, due to the aggressive nature of all the sunfish and chubs. I took my new micro fishing rod, some tiny hooks, and a pencil float to the creeks. Bait was simple, a couple two inch crayfish is all the bait you need. First stop was a bridge overlooking a tiny creek. The water was crystal clear, despite the huge amount of rain we got last evening. There was fish everywhere, mostly tiny bluegills and minnows. There was two really colorful redbreast sunfish, but they wanted nothing to do with my bait. The tiny sunfish, however, weren't so picky.
A tiny bluegill.

Another tiny sunny.

After dozens of those pesky fish (you always seem to catch them when you don't want to), I was about to leave the spot, when I saw a couple dark shapes cruising along the pool. Suckers! I saw a bunch of white suckers and at least one northern hognose sucker. Suckers in a golf course creek! I tried for hours without any results. So I moved to a different pool. Right away I started catching chubs. Creek chubs. They were so plentiful, I caught many doubles! 

Creek chub


Creek chub

So no new lifers, but I had a great time micro fishing. Technically, creek chub are micros, and bluegill are standard, but it appears to be the opposite in this gulf course stream! As for the suckers, I will be back. I'm off to camping for two weeks this Saturday, so there won't be much posts from me. Until then, the suckers will have to wait.

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