Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quick Little Outing

Just decided to head for the golf course pond for an hour before dinner. Stopped by the local creek for a little while and came up with a beautiful tiny pumpkinseed.
These guys are the gems of the creek.

I used my trusty Rapala jointed and twitched it across the surface. Second cast, BAM! Fish on!

An average bass in the local golf course.

Although this is a dink in those big bass states like California and Texas, it is an average sized bass here up in Jersey. I moved down the pond, still using the same lure and retrieve. Then I caught what truly is a dink.

Teeny bass

A pic of my lure

The third bass was really fun. I spotted a group of three bass in a little creek leading into the pond. The water was at most 8 inches deep, and really clear. I stalked them until I was about 30 feet away. I made a cast, 3/4 of the line was over grass. The lure landed about a foot from the bass. I twitched it, and they all came over to check it out. After a couple more twitches, the bass were still 
there, but the wouldn't commit. I was beginning to fear I would run out of space until I reached the edge of the water. Finally, with one last twitch, the largest bass clobbered it in a mere two inches of water! I ran to the edge of the water, and after a spirited fight on ultralight gear, I landed the fish.

The bass was about 17 inches and 2 pounds, a respectable size for New Jersey waters. And caught sight fishin! That was the first sight fished bass I've caught in a long, long time, considering the muddiness of the pond. Not bad for an hour on the golf course!

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