Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Contest Outing!

I managed to sneak away last Sunday for the first contest outing! hosts a June species contest, in which the winner gets a custom rod. There is 0% chance that I will win, but it's great to see how much species I can get in a month! I haven't been doing much fishing lately, due to life's constant changes, but hopefully, I'll get back on the water as the summer progresses!

I went to my local creek where I caught the suckers, to find as many species as possible. In quick succession, I caught a bluegill (#1) and redbreast sunfish (#2).

I tried for suckers, but they weren't taking anything. The gaxillions (10^ (3x10^(3x10^3decillion) +3) of sunfish would swarm the bait as soon as it hit the water. I did manage to place the worm DIRECTLY under a sucker's snout, but it wouldn't commit. If I managed to place the worm ASAP within a centimeter of the sucker's head, the sunnies would look at it, and back off. No suckers for me today, though.

Later, I caught a yellow bullhead (#3) with nice mottling and called it a day.

 I saw some cool stuff, both minuscule and large. For example, this slug...

And this snapper. Can you see him? He was +35 lbs.

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