Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Average Day

It's the second contest outing, and I was looking for a pumpkinseed and largemouth bass in the pond. First I looked in the creek. There's sometimes pumpkinseeds there.

After a few runt bluegills, I pulled p a surprise fish... A green sunfish!

 Green Sunnies are an invasive species in NJ, and not to common. This was my first one in 2015. And a beaut, too. Look at that electric blue and orange!

Well, I got another contest entry!
After that, I switched my attention to largemouths and I got plenty. None of decent size, but fun nonetheless.
Contest entry...

 This fish had a healed but definite scar on him... maybe a much bigger bass attacked him?

The post spawn gills were also hungry... Nice and dark-colored too. They were really skinny, and all had spawning wear, like split tails.

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