Friday, June 19, 2015

Field Trip Fishing (Pt. 2)

Yay!!! Another field trip with a chance to fish!!! We were going to Frogbridge Day Camp, for 5 hours of doing whatever we wanted to. I started out with fishing, but only for about an hour.

My buddies James, Mike, Steve, and a bunch of others were there as well. The lake there has a turquoise tone, and it looks almost fake. There are, however a huge population of (stunted?) 1-2 lb largemouths, some trophy bluegills,and some pumpkinseeds mixed in. There is literally no pressure on this lake, and I was pulling bass out of there within seconds. 

Most were small, but this was a decent NJ Largemouth.

In an hour, I landed 9 bass and hooked many others. I also got 3 bonus bluegill and... finally... a pumpkinseed for the contest!!! not a bad one, either. It was fun, because it was sitting in a an opening in the grass mat in just a foot and a half of water. Sight fishing it and watching it nail my crawfish jig was pretty fun.

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