Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Whole Lot of Work for One Banded Killifish

I set out to nearby Sylvan Lake in search of carp, where my friend James said he caught some. Well, long story short, the place was dead.

The entire lake had recently been drained, and it was real shallow. There might have been some carp towards the middle f the lake where it was slightly deeper, but I couldn't get there, because the lake bottom was entirely silt and mud. I sank down to my thighs in some places, the I had to take my feet out, then reach in and grab my shoes.

The upside, however, is that I found a rocky area where the lake dumps into the creek that had plenty of micros. There was multiple species, but I only managed to catch one specimen of one species in the 2 hours that I fished. The majority of them ignored the bait and were spooked so I couldn't reach them  with my 7 ft cane pole.

The one species, however, was a Banded Killifish, and a trophy one at that!

Okay, trophy may not be the best choice of words, but from what I saw, this was a beast of an Banded Killifish!

There you have it, folks! Species #44 and a check of the NJ species list!

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