Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fresh in the Finger Lakes: Day 4 (continued)

Day 4 contained lots of fishing, so I decided to include this part as part two.

After arriving back from Buttermilk, we went back to the Seneca Lake pier. This time it was windier and only a couple rudd were in sight. I had yet to catch my lifer perch, so that was top priority for me, which proved to take a couple minutes at most after messing around with the tiny perch in the shallows.

And there you have it: The uneventfully caught tiny specimen of a yellow perch. (species #56) It wasn't the monster I lost, but it was a perch, and pretty no matter how small it was.

Day 4's afternoon was of relaxation. My grandpa and I proceeded to catch several dozen tiny perch, as well as tons of rock bass and bluegill that we didn't photograph. I also happened to sight fish some itsy-bitsy smallmouths with a jig. On 2 lb test, they fight incredibly hard for their size and were a nice little (literally) bonus.


Like the perch, they were small but colorful, and I felt pretty good about a 2 lifer day. I hooked and lost 2 rudd, but otherwise it was perfect.

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