Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fresh in the Finger Lakes: Day 2

Day 2
Day two, we were headed to Cornell and the town of Ithaca in the morning. It was a truly beautiful campus with an amazing art museum! 

We ate lunch at Ithaca, then headed off to Taughannock Falls, a couple miles of a round trip hike, but worth every bit. I waded through the clear and shallow creek most of the way there, and I really wished I had brought a rod of some sort. Shiners, dace, stonerollers, suckers, trout, and smallmouths were all present. In the really shallow water, which spanned most of the creek, blacknose dace were simply everywhere. I even managed to catch a few with my hands! In the deep holes I saw a nice (~2 lbs) smallmouth and a big white sucker. The water was gorgeous and we all had a lot of fun. 

 Me wishing I had a rod in my hands

The cliffs were beautiful 

The Falls

We went back to our cottage, and I fished on Lamoka for a little bit, but only ended up with some bluegills and a little bass (as far as I can recall). My sister, however, was luckier and hooked a yellow perch, a species I have yet to conquer. 

That smile says it all... she was rubbing it in my face. 

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