Monday, December 8, 2014

More Paintings

I've finished some larger scale paintings this past couple of weeks. One is an acrylic painting of a shad I caught on the Raritan River, my header pic, and another more contemporary oil painting of mackerel at a fish market. 
I actually started the shad painting in early July, but never got around to finishing it until recently. 
You can see in this painting the gold rooster tail I caught it on, as well as the sunset and the dam I caught it under.

Not as related to fishing, but I thought I'd post it up because it was fish.

The pictures don't really match

I hope to finish by this spring a sucker painting and a new pickerel painting ( I already have one from a year or so back). I'm heading for Vermont for winter break, so maybe I'll get some ice fishing in? Until then, happy holidays!

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