Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rainbow Trout Art

Happy Thanksgiving! I've recently been drawing a lot, mostly because of all the cold weather, rain and snow we have been getting in Central NJ. I decided to share a set of rainbow trout paintings I just finished. I thought they were pretty cool.

As you may recall, I caught this fish by Abrams Falls in Tennessee.

This one was from the Queets River in Washington 

This Beardslee was from Crescent Lake, Washington.

All of them next to each other.

One thing I realized about rainbow trout, the variation between the strains can be amazing. All these fish are oncorhynchus mykiss, yet are so different. I just thought that a matching trio might be quite beautiful and interesting to the eye.

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  1. Keep up the nice work! I realy like how you combined two hobbies into these beautiful paintings!