Thursday, June 9, 2016

Little Fish at Lambertville

A little while ago, I went to Lambertville to fish the Delaware, hoping to get some shad, or anything, really. I started by tossing around a gold kastmaster and got a strike on my first cast. It got off, but it clearly was not a shad. 

A couple casts later, up came this:

A fallfish. You see, I have a knack for catching species far from home first, and then finding them right next to me all along. My first fallie came from all the way north to Dingman's ferry. Little did I know they were so accessible so close!

'Twas a nice view on a nice evening.

Seeing that the shad weren't around, and the kastmaster was very large, I tied on a minuscule hair jig tipped with a bit of gulp maggot. After a couple more dink fallfish, I got a surprise. A little striper had attacked my jig!

I sent the baby on his way to becoming a 50 lber, watching him swim off into the Delaware.

More fallies came...

And then a couple baby smallmouth. Hehe.

The fallfish were really abundant that day. I caught 11 in about an hour and a half.

Jigging along the wall produced a tubby little rock bass.

There were tons and tons of mayflies and stoneflies, and the fallfish would rise to sip them off the surface, just like trout. 

Wood ducks and swans in the canal

It was a beautiful day, and despite no extraordinary catches, it was good to be out on the water. 

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