Sunday, May 8, 2016

Neshaminy at Tyler State Park

It was a beautiful day, and thus I headed to the Neshaminy for a break from classes and tests, and to go fishing. 

This will be a rather short report, as there wasn't much too special about this trip. 

I started out with some micros, arming myself with a cane pole, tanago hooks, and some pink gulp, I began looking for the plentiful cyprinids in the shallows. 

I started off with this juvenile spotfin shiner. 

I caught a few eastern banded killifish as well.

While fishing a deeper channel, I was attempting to entice one of the many white suckers with a piece of worm on a small circle hook. I saw a white sucker glide toward my bait, promptly suck it up, and then spit it out. I set the hook just as he spit it, and ended up hooking him in the pectoral fin. Whoops.

I began exploring around with a small jig and gulp minnow near the dam at Tyler State Park, and immediately hooked hordes of nice rock bass.  I must had caught 30 of these hard fighting panfish.

Along with the rock bass, I also hooked plenty of redbreast sunfish and green sunfish.

The highlight of the day was probably one of my last fish. I swung up what appeared to be a pumpkinseed, but upon closer inspection, was evident to be a pumpkinseed-bluegill hybrid. That would make this fish only my second ever PxG hybrid sunfish (the first being caught in the finger lakes last summer).

A pretty fish it was 

Overall, it was a a beautiful day, and I glad to have spent some time on the water.

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