Sunday, October 11, 2015

Last Day on the Golf Course

One last trip to the golf course... no words for it, really. I have fished this pond since I was 6. It holds my fish, my lures (to my dismay), and most of all, some of the best memories of my life, from wading in a creek, to grabbing snappers and snakes, and catching my first bass.

I still remember that moment so vividly: I was fishing a tiny crankbait with a rod and line much too heavy for it. All of a sudden, I saw a flash and felt weight on the end of my line. I panicked and reeled as fast as possible, and all of a sudden my first bass was right at my feet. I was ecstatic beyond belief... and that happiness and sense of wonder has fueled me to today. It is safe to say that without that pond, I would never have followed the path I am on today, met the people that I have met, and caught all the fish and have all the fun I've had.

For my last day, the pond did treat me well: action was nonstop. Literally bass after bass as I bid each farewell.

Little bugger bit me! Luckily, northern watersnake (non-venomous), so I picked it up

Little guys :) Sign of natural and successful reproduction

Old Warrior: I have caught this bass before...

This one too

Thank you as I bid farewell, for all that you have shared with me.

-Brandon Li


  1. Nice collection of fish, it's always sad to leave such a familiar and memory filled place, especially where you were "hooked". I'm sure you'll find a nice spot in Pa that might replace the ol' golf course in some way.
    Tight Lines,

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