Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another Hour Logged on the Golf Course

Whilst I was waiting for an hour while the realtor was showing our house to potential buyers, I decided to take my little sister and my grandparents (visiting from china) to the golf course.

First I set up a worm and bobber for my sister, and gave a few casts to make sure everything was working fine. Because of my good intentions, I got rewarded with a nice pumpkinseed. This one was had a triple red ear spot!
It looked almost like a ring buoy!

I decided to tie on a large chatterbait that I got a while ago but never actually tried. The first time a saw a chatterbait fished was with Al, and the thing was loud!!! I thought it would attract bass, but then I didn't use it. After only half a dozen casts, the thing got smashed by a decent bass. And it was a BIG chatterbait!

My sister wasn't feeling too well, and left to sit in the shade before she caught any fish. My grandpa also caught a pumpkinseed, and I left with a tiny bass that bit a senko its length, as well as a nice bluegill.

I also finally got a good picture of the giant 30 lb+ koi that lives in the golf course pond. There is only one, probably released when a pet got too big. No one has ever been able to catch it...

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