Friday, May 15, 2015

Hitting the 'Gill Spawn a Little Late (ft. Eric & Will)

The plan was for me and a couple of my buddies to slam some big bluegills today. Didn't get as much as we wanted, but still a fun day overall.

It was a beautiful day, sunny, in the 80's, but a little humid. The golf course was just calling to me.

Me and Will arrived at the golf course first, and I immediately tied into some nice 'gills and pumpkinseeds.

First bluegill was 9 inches, a NJ Skillful Angler award qualifier!

Pumpkinseeds were beauts today. 

Will with only his second bass. (Will is new to fishing; try getting a vegan to fish!)

Will caught some big bluegills, too.

Eric arrived a little later, but just catches big bluegill after bluegill. He also caught his first largemouth bass today (not that he's inexperienced, he's used to smallmouth and pike at his lake in Canada). This was my first time fishing with Eric - I recently got him into a more accepting angler, and he started a lifelist!

Eric catches the biggest 'gill of the day: a beastly almost-10 incher. My biggest is 12, though, so ha! (I'm definitely not competitive.)

We all caught big dark bulls today, some of which were leaking milt. No females full of eggs, though. I noticed that today's fish were a lot less colorful than my usual spawning bulls. I remember a day last year when I timed my fishing just right, caught fish on almost every cast, and they were positively glowing!

Some more big bluegills and bass rounded out the day... Can't wait to fish with them again!

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